User experience research

Our job is to understand your audience better than anyone.

We have an agile approach to user experience research. We segment, we profile, we define audiences. We then customise our research approach, our materials and our delivery to meet the needs of the target cohort.


How we do it


Focus groups

Take it back to the core: the customer. Well planned and well executed co-design focus groups that actively involve customers deliver real insights. Regardless of position, background or circumstance, we pride ourselves on sensitivity and good relationships with customers. We get the right mix in the room and get them talking about how we can help them. Collaboratively designing services, products or processes that work, because they are user-centred. 



The way to get more voices heard quickly. We target the user cohorts you want to hear from and create meaningful online surveys that do more than just tick boxes. Our analysis of the results gives you the volume and the quality of user feedback you’re after, interpreted as 'at-a-glance' charts, graphs and infographics. 


Stakeholder consultation

We work with the gamut of stakeholders and quickly adapt to any organisational issues. Sometimes it’s one-on-one interviews that get results; others it’s Skype, telephone online or email. In stakeholder workshops, we get the right mix in every group. We know how to get useful results from consulting with your people – input which translates directly into pragmatic, workable strategies for your organisation’s needs.


Site analytics

Who’s viewing your content? Site analytics can be invaluable in figuring out how many people visit your website and social media channels, how often, and whether they’re finding what they need. We know how to not only get the data, but how to measure and interpret it so you can optimise your site and make it the best it can be.