Usability pervades everything we do. It starts with taking the concept, the product or the service to users at inception.

It goes on in the development phase with user testing of the prototype, information architecture, interaction design and visual design.

It plays out in solutions which are embraced by users and get the business smiling 🙂


How we do it


One-on-one usability testing

Sometimes it’s in the way a single, typical user says it or does it that’s the most powerful test of all. Our individual, in-person usability testing gives you the luxury of time to really understand how your site or app performs in the real world. Using mouse-tracking technology, video and audio capture and written observation, we document test results and recommend changes that can transform the user experience.


Online testing

But will it work? We test online with real users using the latest tools for maximum participation with minimum user effort. Our online testing gets the fine details and the big picture shifts needed to hone your site or app to your users’ needs and make it the best it can be.