Strategy and evaluation

We develop, review and assess internet, intranet, social media and multi-channel strategies.

We create a business case identifying costs, benefits, risks, and investment options.

We plan and facilitate engagement with stakeholders and provide the tools you need to communicate with them.


How we do it



What’s happening online in your space worldwide? Where do you sit in the online landscape? What are the benchmarks for success? Benchmarking identifies a set of heuristics or criteria which measure the effectiveness of a site or app. Our research shows how you’re performing in comparison to worldwide trends, standards and innovations, setting the scene for your development aspirations.


Business analysis

Every development starts with a context and a need. BA work means looking at the status quo.  We assess current performance (using usage statistics, branding, cost/session, consistent user experience, email response), we benchmark against leading edge design and usability features and we identify what the business and the end users need in detailed functional and technical requirements.