Arguably the hardest part of any online development. Specifying the solution (and preventing scope creep – the worst!) is about identifying what’s in, what’s out and how the solution will work.

We know what to describe, what to leave open to interpretation (where sometimes the surprises come in) and how to speak the language of designers, developers and programmers. So leave it to us.


How we do it


Interaction and process design

For many sites and apps the design is not only about what you see but about how you interact with what you see and hear, and what you can achieve. We design these interactions and processes using online database applications, widgets, templates, forms, and workflows.


Interface design

Number one on the hitlist for a usable site or app. The interface design is of profound importance in our projects. From initial wireframes through to quite sophisticated clickable prototypes, it’s formed by user needs, sent out to market at an early stage, refined and re-worked and tested again. The result: a user experience like no other.