Digital engagement

Facebook, Twitter, blogging…the web now offers powerful ways in which people can engage with you.

We understand the importance of connecting with people through your digital content, and making sure that social media works for you – not against you.

We can show you the best tools and techniques that align with your strategic goals enabling you to meet the needs of your business and stakeholders.


How we do it


Social tools

Not sure if you need a Twitter, a Pinterest or a Facebook page to connect with people? Whether it’s just one of these or the whole package, we’ll work out the best tools to use to engage with your specific users. We know what the crucial differences are and how to get everyone sharing your content.


Social media marketing

The huge growth in social media offers new opportunities to actively engage with your audience using the right mix of digital and social media approaches. Whether your users are digital natives or just starting to learn about social media, we’ll help them become comfortable with and aware of the possibilities.

So how do we do this? By using a practical, step-by-step plan:

  • Defining the purpose
  • Identifying your audiences
  • Identifying what motivates an audience and factors that influence their behaviour
  • Designing the best way to engage them
  • Implementing the best ‘digital mix’ for each audience
  • Measuring the responses/outcomes achieved

Using this template we can develop:

  • Suggested content, eg write the tweets
  • Ways of building the audience
  • A schedule to manage all digital and social media activities
  • Ongoing analysis of each activity to track its success.

We’re happy to have a chat and see if we can be of any help in planning digital and social media for your organisation.