Content is King and we take your content needs and run with them.

We plan content. To make sure your content will happen – even long after we’re gone - we do content audits, content plans documenting requirements and communication objectives, produce online style guides, content guidelines and process documentation.

We create content. That’s writing, editing, metadata schema, classification, indexing, design of content templates and content population.


How we do it


Digital content strategies

We write digital content strategies to define the strategic goals, processes and governance required to design the efficient and sustainable delivery of content on your websites and social channels.

The strategy describes policies, guidelines and tools required when planning and the priorities for quality content, as well as day-to-day operations and risks if content is not accurate or correct.

We design content types for descriptive, interactive and messaging content and content templates in the CMS.


Content audit

We conduct audits of website content to produce a spreadsheet of all content pages and assets, including duplicated and out-of-date pages, gaps and recommended content for retirement based on analysis of analytics and business objectives. This forms the basis for a content master plan to map your new content and content for repurposing and migration to your new information architecture.


Content development plan

We write content plans for developing and migrating content to a website. The plan confirms the scope of new content (based on the content audit), the content development stages, general approach, roles and responsibilities, workflow and timeline for content delivery.


Content design and writing

We design, write, edit, optimise, tag and proof content using online content modelling tools (for example, GatherContent) to streamline content production and effectively organise, structure, produce, manage and migrate your content to a new website. We develop editorial guidelines to ensure the tone of voice, comprehension, readability and usefulness of content is appropriate for your audience. 


Search engine optimisation

We develop a custom controlled vocabulary of keywords through analysis of Google analytics and industry thesauri so content writers can optimise content and improve SEO. We can help you optimise your site by analysing what your users are searching for and then making sure we use these keywords in the structure, content and links.


Content testing

We test the content we write. That’s right UX-led content! Content testing validates the content types and the right approach to writing content so content quality and usability is high.

We measure:

  • Tone and style (is it appropriate?)
  • Comprehension and readability (do people understand?)
  • Usefulness and confidence (can they complete the task?)
  • Organisation (is the layout and structure clear?).

We also analyse your customers’ attitudes to new content by getting them to rate the content’s ability to inspire, the impact and value of the content, and the personality of the brand or organisation.