how we can help

There’s not much digital and online work we don’t do.

We are experts in digital engagement for websites, intranet, mobile and social media, from strategy right through to the build and after.

We are great at collaborating and listening to your needs to design an effective and engaging solution resulting in a positive experience for your customers and also ensure that your business needs are met.

user research

Our job is to understand your audience better than anyone. We have an agile approach to user research. We segment, we profile, we define audiences. We then customise our research approach, our materials and our delivery to meet the needs of the target cohort.

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strategy and evaluation

We develop, review and assess internet, intranet, social media and multi-channel strategies. We create a business case identifying costs, benefits, risks, and investment options. We plan and facilitate engagement with stakeholders and provide the tools you need to communicate with them.

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information architecture

IA dead? We think not! (Despite predictions to the contrary.) The development of a robust, intuitive information architecture provides the bones of your site or app. We develop information structures and taxonomies users can instantly relate to.

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Usability pervades everything we do. It starts with taking the concept, the product or the service to users at inception. It goes on in the development phase with user testing of the prototype, information architecture, interaction design and visual design. It plays out in solutions which are embraced by users and get the business smiling :).

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Arguably the hardest part of any online development. Specifying the solution (and preventing scope creep – the worst!) is about identifying what’s in, what’s out and how the solution will work. We know what to describe, what to leave open to interpretation (where sometimes the surprises come in) and how to speak the language of designers, developers and programmers. So leave it to us.

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Content is King and we take your content needs and run with them. We plan content. To make sure your content will happen – even long after we’re gone - we do content audits, content plans documenting requirements and communication objectives, produce online style guides, content guidelines and process documentation. We create content. That’s writing, editing, metadata schema, classification, indexing, design of content templates and content population.

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The way we see it, good governance is the difference between a usable and effective online presence and a mess. We introduce sound, workable governance processes that wrap the whole business up in new ways to work online. This can bring web accountability, roles and responsibilities, policies, risk assessment and mitigation plans, standards, reporting, workflows, and content management processes to your organisation.

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digital engagement

Facebook, Twitter, blogging…the web now offers powerful ways in which people can engage with you. We understand the importance of connecting with people through your digital content, and making sure that social media works for you – not against you.  We can show you the best tools and techniques that align with your strategic goals enabling you to meet the needs of your business and stakeholders.

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