DET User Experience testing

DET User Experience testing

The Department of Education and Training wished to improve the information architecture for the Department’s public website. The site had become weighed down with erroneous information and an unwieldy site structure.

Parisfirst was contracted to conduct two phases of user experience testing at the University of Melbourne’s Usability Design labs.

Parisfirst conducted 1 round of scenario-based UX moderated testing with 40 participants across 6 audience groups on the structure, content and design of the current public facing website. This testing provided a baseline task success/fail score. SUS (System Usability Scale) and Semantic Attitudinal scale-based questions also provided a baseline for usability, learnability and attitude.

Following changes made to the site based on recommendations from this first round of user experience testing, Parisfirst will conduct a second round of testing.

Again, this round of moderated testing will utilise scenario-based UX testing with the same 40 participants across 6 audience groups. At this stage of testing, focus will be on the structure, content and design of the future state of the Department’s public facing website and Intranet.

Parisfirst will present findings to project stakeholders, allowing the results to be socialised with SMEs and ensure a good understanding of the results and recommended changes.