City of Boroondara user research

City of Boroondara user research

The City of Boroondara was looking for a total overhaul of their website, inspired by a ‘customer first’ approach to their online service delivery.

The mandate from the City of Boroondara was that the new site must adhere to the four pillars of the Council digital transformation program:

  • Digital payments. To establish a single, common, optimised and user friendly payments gateway that supports a comprehensive range of payment types that customers can complete online.
  • Digital services and transactions. To prioritise high impact/high value services that should be offered online.
  • Digital information and data. To make data available for public use, optimise the pathways to our information and improve customer interaction with the digital channel.
  • Digital engagement and participation. To personalise services, the user experience, and involve the user in co-design.

To achieve all this, it was clear that a major part of the overall project lay in the user research stage. Parisfirst quickly surmised that the focus of our research must be:

  • improved eService and customer self-service capabilities
  • easier and more simplified access to information
  • better interactivity
  • stronger, more centralised digital governance
  • sustainable technology infrastructure and content management processes
  • enhanced sharing, collaboration and data exchange capabilities
  • more personalised services leading to improved citizen services, engagement and participation through digital technologies

In order to achieve these goals, Parisfirst Partners conducted:

  • a domain wide content auditing, mapping and gap analysis
  • extensive research that identified and prioritised government best practice, user behaviour, testing and validation processes
  • multiple business and external stakeholder consultations, workshops and presentations
  • detailed reports on our findings and recommendations, supported by meticulously collated user data
  • the development of a website SEO and metadata strategy.

The end result was a comprehensive, thorough and robust set of findings to support the development of the Council’s website and realise their vision for an online experience ‘that places the customer at the centre and delivers a more seamless, convenient and empowering experience for all users’ (CEIS).

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