City of Boroondara content services

City of Boroondara content services

One of the keys to the City of Boroondara realising a customer-centric site, was to unburden the content-heavy website of over 3000 pages and repurpose all content as minimal and purposeful task-based content.

Based on our findings from the content audit and redeveloped information architecture for the City of Boroondara Solution Design project, we collaborated with Content Ark and evolved a Content Development Plan mapping content from the old IA to the new IA and identifying content for the new site as new, repurposed, to migrate or archive over a 6 month timetable.

To ensure we were on track, a broad sample of pilot content was written and a moderated content study devised to evaluate the readability and comprehension of the content directly with customers before commencing full content writing.

Content production proceeded in batches and was inclusive of content research and writing, SME review and consultations, editing, content optimisation, metadata descriptions and final proofing before approval for publishing.

To help manage our workflows and the 500 pages of content, we setup content modelling software (GatherContent) to transparently manage content creation, review and approval with the content writers and editors and SMEs.

Content publishing commenced in parallel with the CMS development as well as content production over a 3 month timetable.

Beta site monitoring of new functionality and moderated usability testing was conducted with customers in the month prior to launch to validate the final IA and content.

In addition an SEO & Metadata Strategy was developed along with a controlled vocabulary in collaboration with the web team based on an analysis of Google Analytics data, council search terms across the state and data from the previous content audit.

A Federated Content Governance Framework was recommended and roles and responsibilities identified for a central web team and the businesses to support the continuing development of quality site content.

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